Copyright and Creative Commons

It was interesting to learn about this Creative Commons Search tool. In our line of work we need to be particularly attentive to what messages we pass on to our students. The usage of such a tool emphasises the protection of copyrighted material and giving credit where it is due. Moreover, such a procedure would educate students to be more careful as to what they tend to use on the Internet. As we well know, this is a major problem on the Internet as once data is available on the Web, technically it is possible to retrieve it without any need for consents. Thus if copyright or licensing is to be preserved this has to come through proper education of the people using the Web.

For the aim of this discussion I searched for photos through Flickr related to cryptography which are available for commercial purposes which can be modified, adapted or built upon. This is shown in the screenshots below:

creative commons

 cc flickr

Out of the hundreds of photos available I selected one of the Enigma machine (shown below) which was posted by Adam Foster on the 7th of December, 2011 from Bletchley Park.


As we have discussed in previous blogs, the trend is to move towards the Open concept in many activities and data on the Internet. Hence, this is surely another step in that direction. It was surprising to find a rather good number of links which are free to use even commercially and these were easy to find. I also think that this is a good means of resolving and disputes or discrepancies on copyright and licensing between borders. Ultimately, the Creative Commons concept encourages the culture of sharing and community building.

This is definitely a tool I will be taking a look into more detail from now on particularly when it comes to images.  In fact I changed the image at the top of my blog by searching for one through this database!  Such a database is only destined to increase with time and hence it is definitely worth getting used to.


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